Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is TEDxArendal?

Please see our About page to learn more about TEDxArendal.

When is TEDxArendal?

TEDxArendal is a yearly event. Allways on friday in week 44. In 2024, TEDxArendal will be on November 1.

What time does the event start?

The event starts at 12:00 and ends at 24:00.

Where is TEDxArendal?

We use Arendal City Centre for our event. The main stage and venue is in Arendal Kulturhus, but we also include Arendals restaurants and elements of the city centre for experiences

When and where can I buy tickets for TEDxArendal?

Tickets will be released on August 30 at 12:00. You can buy your tickets here on our webpage. Stay informed by subscribing to our news letter 

I have seen TED talks on YouTube – is this the same thing?

Yes and no. The TEDx license lets us run the event independently from the TED organization, but the main idea is the same. There will be TED talks about a wide variety of topics. In addition to our excellent talks, there is also the TEDxExperience, which you can read about here!

Why does the event last a full 12 hours?

Because our guest survey shows us that our guests want a 12-hour event. This way, you get to work a bit in the morning and empty your mailbox before you clear your head and open your mind to new knowledge.

The event is packed with exciting experiences and inspiring TED talks, and you won’t be bored!

After our last speaker, you are invited to our TEDxArendal afterparty – where you can dance, have fun and socialize until midnight.

I am looking for the full program and time schedule

Yes, this is normal at regular conferences. However, TEDxArendal is not a normal conference, and our event does not have a published program. TEDxArendal is a 12-hour event, and we invite you to stay the full 12 hours. You can check out our social media or our speaker page to see who is coming.

If you bought a ticket, you were sent to this page when looking for the program, and we confidently say: we won’t tell you!

What speakers do you have this year?

Each year, we have a wide variety of speakers, and this year is no different. As the program is build you can see releases speakers in our speaker page. You can click the different speakers to get a small bio and some tidbits about their idea that is worth spreading!