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TEDxArendal 2019

TEDxArendal – The event and meeting place for motivational, innovative and inspiring knowledge sharing

On November 1, 2019 we will share ideas worth spreading with our local and global TED and TEDx audience.

We are currently planning the event, and would like to invite you to join the party by nominating a speaker or joining our crew. If you want to get in touch, then please do.

Join our 12-hour motivation-marathon in the heart of Arendal.

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Arendal Kulturhus
Sam Eydes Plass 2

November 1, 2019
Time: 12:00 – 00:00


World class speakers on a world class stage!

At TEDxArendal we bring the best regional, national and global speakers to share their ideas from our stage.

We at TEDxArendal take pride in bringing world-class speakers to our world class stage. We are experienced in setting up an event that can grab the world’s attention. Our level of production continues to improve and so do our speakers. Take a look at some of our previous speakers.

People make a difference!

The speakers on our stage, the partners we wish to be associated with and the crew that makes it all happen – its not random!

Our speakers are carefully selected to ensure variety in our program. They are selected to make sure our audience go home inspired. One should never stop learning, and we want our online and live audience to learn something new. We therefore continuously try to find speakers with fresh ideas.

Our partners are the reason we exist, and act as vital contributors to the event. Without their support TEDxArendal would not be possible.

Our people, crew and fantastic volunteers create the venue, program and atmosphere that we all cherish. They work throughout the year to combine all the elements that make up TEDxArendal.

Welcome to TEDxArendal 2019!


We can’t wait to see you at TEDxArendal on November 1, 2019!