Sissel Rogne (2014)

Sissel Rogne

Many women are pushing the boundaries of fertility because, in our new modern lives, we might put careers first – or the traditional family has changed. How has science come around to help fertility issues, and how old can women be and still conceive children with modern biotechnology? Sissel talks about the freezing of eggs and how one might say that the future might consist of more “ice-cold family planning”.

Rogne is director of the Norwegian Biotechnology Advisory Board and adjunct professor in the Institute of Community Medicine at the University of Bergen. She has also been a Research Director and professor in gene technology at Norways Agriculture College and was awarded The Academic Award in 2012. Sissel Rogne studied gene technology and returned to Norway as one of the pioneers in this field. She became a professor in 1992. She is now the Director General at the Norwegian University for Life Sciences and the University of Bergen.

TEDxArendal 2014: Sissel Rogne