Shaun «Shonduras» McBride (2016)

Shaun McBride
Shaun McBride, aka «Shonduras», is Snapchat’s first home-grown celebrity and one of the first people to make money from his intricate and personal Snapchat art. With his long, curly hair tucked under a backward baseball cap, McBride has his six younger sisters to thank for his ongoing digital success.

Using creative illustrations to communicate with the world, he highlights the importance of having a positive outlook, no matter what life throws at us. «Shonduras» is all about having fun – he loves skating, cereal, high-fives, wiener dogs, and living life 100 %.

Hear the fun story about how this skater became a serious businessman – and then learned how to fuse the art of having fun and running a healthy business!

TEDxArendal 2016: @shonduras