Rikke Soligard (2014)

Rikke Soligaard

Rikke talks about how she gave up her job and started working to improve her local community. She lists four factors she thinks are the key to success in making a change and creating a happy community.

Rikke Soligard is the founder of “The Department of Enthusiasm”, a non-profit organization working to create dedicated and happy communities. She suffers from all sorts of phobias but is not afraid to fight for the things she believes in. In 2012, she walked miles outside her comfort zone and gave up her job as a longstanding manager in a large bookstore for a non-paid job for The Department of Enthusiasm. The goal was to build a sustainable organization that would inspire, raise awareness, and engage residents and other stakeholders in such a way that it would have lasting and positive effects on the local communities.

TEDxArendal 2014: Rikke Soligard