Petter Mørland Pedersen

Petter Mørland Pedersen presentation card 2023

TEDxArendal 2023 talk:

Petter’s vision is crystal clear: to make boats soar above the waves, revolutionizing the future of boating.

Speaker Bio:

Growing up in the coastal town of Arendal, Petter Mørland Pedersen was captivated by the sea and the art of sailing from a young age. He set his sights on some of the world’s most renowned regattas, nurturing a clear aspiration to become a dedicated sailor.

His unwavering commitment propelled him to podium finishes in numerous national and international sailing championships, including an impressive 4th place at the 2012 London Olympics. In parallel with his sailing endeavors, he pursued an engineering degree in marine technology. Following his Olympic journey, he ventured into the oil and gas industry, where he gained valuable experience.

After seven years in this field, driven by his profound passion for the ocean, fascination with technology, competitive spirit, and a strong desire to create something meaningful, he founded Lift Ocean AS. This technology company specializes in hydrofoil technology, which lifts a boat’s hull out of the water, reducing drag, enhancing comfort, and preserving shorelines.