Pellegrino Riccardi (2016)

Pellegrino Riccardi
Pellegrino Riccardi has spent the last 30 years travelling the globe as an international keynote speaker. His style is a seamless fusion of masterful storytelling and observational humour in what he calls “edutainment” (education + entertainment).

“I don’t just want my audiences to understand my message; I want them to feel it too.”

Listen to Pellegrino put into perspective the importance of using storytelling as a driver to change business culture and motivate employees –  and how we all remember a good story…

Pellegrino is many things: rock musician, teacher, communications consultant, cross-cultural expert and motivational speaker are some of those. The common thread running through these many roles is making a connection with audiences through their hearts and mind, and helping the people he communicates with to connect and interact more effectively with each other.


TEDxArendal 2016: Pellegrino Riccardi