Pål Brekke (2014)

TEDxArendal 2014

History was written at the time of this talk (August 2014) when, for the first time in the history of humanity, a man-made object “met up with” a comet deep into space. After ten years of travel to its destination, the satellite would launch a small probe that would land on this comet and do its measures. Pictures from a comet – without a tail – were for the first time taken. The event is a large one, especially for astronomers. Pål Brekke took the challenge to deliver this exciting news at TEDxArendal on short notice. The introductory pictures and music were to set a mood for the topic as a slight mental and visual break as well.

Pål Brekke is a Norwegian solar physicist and astrophysicist. He is an expert on the ultraviolet emissions and the dynamical aspects of the Sun – measuring variations in solar UV radiation. He is a senior advisor at The Norwegian Space Agency and works for ESA on various projects. He is also an avid blogger and lecturer.

TEDxArendal 2014: Pål Brekke