Mia Landsem (2019)

Mia Landsem (Photo: Mona Hauglid)

Ever since she was a kid, Mia Landsem has always wanted to do something meaningful in her life, and she has always been provoked by injustice. In addition to being a Norwegian and Nordic Champion in Taekwondo, she has been an avid and active gamer. She is strong, confident and knowledgeable, and this combination has made her a force to be reckoned with.

Together with several other computer experts, who wish to remain anonymous, and with a home-built PC located outside Oslo, Mia started the fight against people who spread stolen nude pictures.

With a deep desire to provide justice to the victims, Mia and her team monitor various websites around the clock to help girls and boys whose naked pictures got online and to track down those who have shared them.

2019 Mia Landsem