Levi Westerveld

Levi Westerveld presentation card 2023 (photo: Mona Hauglid)

TEDxArendal 2023 talk:

Levi Westerveld is no ordinary explorer – he’s a master of his craft, pushing boundaries and unlocking the secrets of the Earth. His numerous awards within visualisation and mapping tell a story of dedication and innovation and reflects a true visionary in geosciences and innovation!

Speaker Bio:

Levi Westerveld, hailing from a rural farm in France, pursued human geography as a student fueled by his passion for the environment and people. He quickly developed a deep fondness for map making, which combines data analysis, scientific methodology, and artistic design. Levi’s visionary cartographic projects are dedicated to advancing the very language of cartography itself. Recognizing the pivotal role of maps in comprehending the magnitude and intricacies of contemporary issues, he also acknowledges the potential disconnection arising from their abstract and simplified nature. In his talk, Levi delves into innovative approaches that amplify cartography’s power, not only in fostering understanding but also in forging an emotional bond with the world.