Jimmy Nelson (2014)

Jimmy Nelson

“Searching for authenticity” is a set of 3 stories revolving around Jimmy Nelson’s encounters with rare indigenous tribes – and his attempts at capturing them with his old camera. Hear his enigmatic tale, and ponder the wisdom he shares with us as he shares his stories of an eccentric Brit searching for authenticity.

Jimmy Nelson is a photographer who in 2009, embarked on his largest project to date: For three years, he travelled and photographed over 30 indigenous tribes in Europe, Asia, South America and the South-Pacific, using a 50-year-old 4×5 inch camera. In the mountains, the icy fields, the jungle, along the rivers and valleys – Jimmy Nelson found the last tribe members and observed them. “Before They Pass Away” is the name of his project and stands as a testimony to his work. His stories, pictures and insights are all quickly becoming documentaries shared on TV.

TEDxArendal 2014: Jimmy Nelson