Bjørn Utgård

Bjørn Utgård presentation card 2023

TEDxArendal 2023 talk:

Can we improve our society by thinking new about our waterways? Bjørn Utgård is a cleantech engineer and entrepreneur who saw the potential for improving urban mobility. On a mission to reduce emissions and make urban mobility easier, Bjørn found that designing a new type of ferry could solve many issues. His talk will show us how big thinking can lead to innovative products that shape our future. 

Speaker Bio:

Bjørn Utgård is a Norwegian cleantech engineer and entrepreneur whose 18-year international career is committed to accelerating the transition to zero-emission energy and mobility.

Bjørn is the CEO of Hyke, which is revolutionizing urban mobility for good through new and better waterways, leveraging decades of iconic product innovation at Eker Design and performance boat manufacturing at Hydrolift. Hyke’s zero-emission, autonomous-ready water shuttles are already in operation in Norway and are set for global launch during the Paris 2024 Summer Olympics.

Prior to joining Hyke, Bjørn played leading commercial roles in transforming EVBox from a 50-person Dutch EV charging startup into a global EV charging champion.

He has also built several successful cleantech ventures, provided cleantech strategy advisory to businesses and governments, and played an analyst/activist role in driving climate action at the Bellona Foundation.