Birgit Skarstein

Birgit Skarstein presentation card 2023

TEDxArendal 2023 talk:

Adapting to a sudden new reality can be difficult. Birgit Skarstein has been through one of the most radical changes life can throw at you, and came out stronger on the other side. A gold-winning Paralympian, Birgit’s not just an athlete; she is a true source of inspiration. She is coming to TEDxArendal to share her ideas about how to adapt to seemingly impossible radical changes in life.

Speaker Bio:

Birgit Skarstein is a Norwegian athlete and Paralympic Rowing Champion skilled in disruptive change, resilience, adaptability and strategic work. She is six times World Rowing Champion and winner of the Word Cup in both rowing and Nordic Skiing.

At age 19 Skarstein was severely injured in a diving accident that later left her paralyzed waist down. The journey back to life made her develop a skillset concerning radical transformation, problem solving, resilience, and strategic thinking. Her adaptive mindset and team spirit has later made her a successful athlete and societal game changer.

Skarstein has a track record of engagement and contribution to societal change from a broad list of board work and impact projects. She has been an elected member of the Oslo City Council as well an appointed member of the Norwegian Advisory Board of Biotechnology.