The 2016 speakers

SESSION 1 – Business, leadership, innovation, empowerment

This amazing group of speakers will provide mindblowing talks about sustainability, social entrepreneurship, cryptology, creativity, and more!

Anita Schjøll Brede

Futurism and technology are two words that sum up Anita. This serial entrepreneur and tech geek gives us a taste of what’s in store over the coming decades.

Catharine Fay

There is no progress, no applied evolution of science nor discoveries without inspiration and dedication to new ideas and change for the better.

Per Ivar Selvaag

How does a farmer’s boy from southern Norway end up being one of the international design community’s leading thinkers?

Petter Amundsen

The closest thing you get to a modern day ’Indiana Jones’, Petter has travelled far and wide in the quest for preservation and revelation of lost knowledge.

Teo Härén

Is it possible for business people to become more creative? There are few people who know more about creativity and inspiration than Teo Härén.

Lars Johansson-Kjellerød

Social entrepreneurship and social innovation are in demand. Lars is creating profitable businesses in new and ingenious ways.

Henry Dagg

This brilliant composer and creative mind has his own unique way of tuning in to the world and creating new, unforgettable sounds.

Ole Morten Olesen

What if the impossible was possible? Ole and his innovation team have tried to achieve the impossible and solve a enormous task: to turn sand into soil.

SESSION 2 – Social and environmental ideas and issues

A seemingly diverse group of speakers, yet their talks touch common grounds within digital media, design, and environmental ideas.

Even Moland

Marine biologist Even Moland’s research has taken him around the world, using diving, tagging and tracking to study the movement, life and fate of marine animals.

Kristin Oudmayer

Kristin Oudmayer is the program manager for UNICEF Norway’s advocacy program ‘You can be The One’. She’s a sought-after lecturer on mental health, bullying and social media, children’s rights, adults as role models and vulnerable children.

Rita Westvik

Rita Westvik’s vision is of smart, sustainable cityscapes, where natural life and a thriving circular economy happily coexist – making our urban habitats productive, environmentally friendly and beautiful. Her slogan is KISSSS: keep it simple, smart, safe, sustainable!

Shaun McBride, aka «Shonduras»

Shaun McBride, aka «Shonduras», is Snapchat’s first homegrown celebrity and one of the first people to make money from his intricate and personal Snapchat art. Using creative illustrations, he highlights the importance of a positive outlook, no matter what life throws at us.

Kristine Ullaland

Social anthropologist Kristine Ullaland speaks about the Zero Waste movement – what it is, why it matters, and why YOU are the key to our future!

Dr. James Beacham

An experimental high-energy particle physicist at CERN, Dr. James Beacham spends his time looking for exotic Higgs bosons, dark photons, gravitons, dark matter, extra dimensions, quantum black holes, and answers to the most baffling open questions of science.

SESSION 3 – Mixed topics

From particle physics to body percussion, from facts on chilling terror to samples of beautiful psaligraphy, from doctor–patient communication to indigenous peoples – this session has something for everyone!

Tara Shears

Tara joined the LHC Beauty experiment at CERN’s Large Hadron Collider in 2004, where she started a programme of electroweak physics – seeking answers as to why there is so little antimatter in the universe.

Siv Harstad

Meet Norwegian adventurer, survivor of Nepal’s 2015 earthquake and Mount Everest summiteer, Siv Harstad. She is known for her unlimited source of courage, enthusiasm and ability to transform challenges into achievements.

Runar Jarle Wiik

In recent years filmmaker Runar Jarle Wiik’s interests have lead him to focus primarily on documentaries, addressing the plight of indigenous peoples. His documentary “No word for Worry” tells the story of the Moken people of the Mergui Archipelago.

Pellegrino Riccardi

International keynote speaker Pellegrino Riccardi’s style is a seamless fusion of masterful storytelling and observational humour. “I don’t just want my audiences to understand my message; I want them to feel it too.”

Dag Berild

Dr Dag Berild’s work focuses on showing how antibiotic resistance is actually one of the biggest threats to public health worldwide. The aim of his research is to improve antibiotic use and reduce resistance.

Karen Bit Vejle

Karen Bit Vejle has a lifelong passion for creating stories in paper (known as ‘psaligraphy’) – a passion that has made her a globally recognised artist.

Gunhild Carling

An old-school jazz artist of astonishing ability, Gunhild Carling combines her extraordinary talents on the trumpet and trombone with a healthy dose of vaudeville. Like all great entertainers, she can also sing and dance.

Bård Fossli Jensen

Bård Fossli Jensen believes in nurturing the partnership between doctor and patient. He teaches medical students, doctors and other health care professionals on how to successfully combine the latest medicine with the latest research in the field of communication.

Peter Stavrum Nielsen

Peter Stavrum Nielsen is always on the search for sounds, grooves and new ways of making music. Using basic objects, rare instruments or simply his own body, his goal is to blend rhythm and humour and create a unique performance.