He first gained technical experience through disassembling alarm clocks and pens, purely disassembling, never reassembling. The only thing that still worked when he was done, were loose gears, now being used as spinning tops. He was good with numbers, bad with reading and singing. He finally became a good student after he finished his masters in engineering degree from NTH in 1974, and got good at his job. As a recent graduate he was very insecure in his own abilities, had little faith that he could perform anything worthwhile. His only career ambition was to keep an empty inbox and doing as told. After a while he realised that his “engineer mind” had value, especially in combination with other values, such as innovative, listening to others, a business mind, networking, sales, communication, wholesome thinking, and creativeness. He is a technological optimist, loves making stuff work and showing how and why stuff works. He has along with others started several successful businesses and loves the combination of technology, making things work, management and social contexts.