Stefan Hyttfors (2019)

Stefan Hyttfors (Photo: Mona Hauglid)
We don’t need jobs

Today we’re a big world on a small planet, and by now, we know we have to shift focus from growth to sustainability. This is not a question about how to save the planet. This is about us.

Deep down, we all have the same basic needs like water, food, and shelter. And only as we solve these basics we can strive for more. We can climb towards safety, friendship, love and eventually up on top; self-actualization. Jobs are nowhere to be found in this hierarchy of needs.

In today’s world, we cover the basics with money – so we need money. Money is important and will motivate us and solve all our basic needs. But as you know, money is not enough. We all need a sense of meaning. That’s basically it. We need money and meaning. And yes, in today’s world, the way we usually get money and meaning is through a job.

However, that doesn’t mean it has to stay like that forever – and on the TEDxArendal stage, futurist Stefan Hyttfors will share his thoughts and ideas that will make us ready for change.

2019 Stefan Hyttfors