Pia Ve Dahlen (2021)

Pia Ve Dahlen
Curiosity Saved the Catfish

Did you know that a jellyfish has helped win a Nobel prize? Or that there’s a 60-meter-long, poisonous worm in the ocean, right underneath the surface? Pia Ve Dahlen, marine biologist and science communicator, dives into how curiosity for the weird and wonderful creatures in the ocean is vital for the future.

Pia has a bachelor’s in science and biology from the University of Bergen and a master’s degree from the University of Hawaii. She co-founded the Passion for Ocean festivals and has started Rent a biologist (Lei en biolog) – a huge network of talkative biologists across Norway that aims to spread their knowledge everywhere they go.

Pia Ve Dahlen is one of Norway’s most popular marine biologists. She spreads her enthusiasm and love for the ocean wherever she goes, and people just cannot help being fascinated by her anecdotes and odd experiences.

2021 Pia Ve Dahlen