Peder Tellefsdal (2022)

Have you ever thought about forgiveness as a game-changer?

Peder Tellefsdal believes that what we do in small, we do in large.

We all want to be forgiven for our screw-ups. The problem is we’re taught how to forgive others, but not how to ask for it ourselves. Peder Tellefsdal learned this the hard way. For many years he lived a double life: respected political advisor by day, and “Party Peder” by night. When his guilt and regret finally pulled him into a deep hole, he embarked on a “forgiveness road trip” – to take responsibility for his actions, one small act at a time. We are what we do, not what we say. And in this talk, Peder shares the tools he discovered to truly own our screw-ups when relationships are on the line.

2022 Peder Tellefsdal