Kåre Andersen is the Head of Commerce of Arendal Municipality and the Licensee of TEDxArendal. He is also a key part in the new project in Arendal as to build the biggest and most sustainable focused battery factory in all of Europe.

He is also a prominent part of TEDxArendal’s history. As Head of Commerce, he used his resources and network abilities to bring the idea of TEDx to life here in Arendal. Without Kåre as a key contributor and many years as TEDxArendal’s Executive there would be no sure way to tell if TEDxArendal would have existed at all.

Kåre is continuing his venture into bringing the international event of TEDx here in Arendal out to the world and putting the attractive city of Arendal to new heights where both work and life can flourish.


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