Julien S. Bourrelle (2017)

Julien S. Bourrelle
We all see the world through cultural glasses, by changing glasses you can change the way you perceive the behaviours of others. Julien S. Bourrelle believes that we have the opportunity to increase the competitiveness of businesses and to create a better functioning multicultural society by helping people to communicate better across cultures.

Julien is a Canadian rocket scientist who lived in various cultures for the last 15 years. It has shaped his perception and expectations.

His “Mondå” project provides tools to communicate better across cultures, helping us to be more aware of how our behaviours can be interpreted differently than intended by people of other cultures.

Julien is a bestselling author and has a double MSc. in Astrodynamics. He dropped out of his doctoral studies after the success of Mondå and his books. He has lived in Norway since 2009.

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