Jokke Sommer (2017)

Jokke Sommer
Jokke Sommer is a true thrillseeker mostly known for airy flights and a fearless lifestyle. Looking back, he has always been fascinated by everything that could fly and dreamed of one day flying himself. When he matured, his childhood dream faded and he started a career in motocross. This sport became his biggest passion and an important part of his youth.

After several years of riding, he started to freestyle and built his own freestyle motocross park. At the age of 21, he sold his dirt bikes and became a licensed skydiver. To gain the required experience he travelled to the United States and completed 250 jumps in two months. After watching dozens of wingsuit flying videos, he had no doubt, this was what he also wanted to do! After returning to Norway he signed up for a BASE jumping course. His determination made him an expert athlete in the sport, with a solid career in wingsuit flights and BASE jumping.

In Norway, Jokke became really publicly known through the TV series Oppdrag Sognefjorden in 2010–11, which landed him a contract with Red Bull. He has since made 5 TV shows, as well as many nerve-wracking stunts around the world.

With fear as a motivation for pushing limits, his childhood flying dreams have in the later years extended further and brought him into speed flying, paragliding and big wave surfing.

TEDxArendal2017: Jokke Sommer