Joakim Jørgensen (2021)

Why should you do something meaningless?

Joakim Jørgensen is one half of a popular duo that posts some of the wackiest and most surrealistic pictures and videos on Instagram and Youtube under the name “The Mountain Concept“. One of their more challenging videos required him to carry a porcelain toilet bowl to the top of Store Blåmann, the highest peak on Kvaløya in Troms, Norway, 1040 meters above sea level.

We have all had at least one completely meaningless idea. One that we concluded was just too stupid to actually complete and fulfil. Joakim takes us on a journey showing what can happen if you actually were to go through with that idea. Not only did Joakim and his friends just complete that one idea they had, but they also continued doing something that seemed meaningless, and ended up finding meaning and fulfilment. To Joakim, it’s all about pushing boundaries, getting creative, creating reactions, and having a good laugh!

Listen to Joakim’s entertaining and funny talk about his mountain concept – moreover, why carrying random stuff to the top of mountains actually makes sense. Joakim Jørgensen shot to fame when he took his passion for hiking and his interest in posting on social media to new heights. Literally!

2021 Joakim Jørgensen