Inga Strümke (2019)

Inga Strümke (Photo: Kristoffer Sandven)
Artificial intelligence (AI) is often powered by machine learning, meaning machines which have learned to solve tasks by themselves. Such artificial intelligence systems can be used for good, for bad or just recklessly, but either way it is up to us how it will affect the future of our species.

During her doctoral research in particle physics, Inga Strümke was inspired by the power of machine learning, and at the same time cautioned by its subtleties. When entering the TEDxArendal stage, she will take you on her personal journey from said research, to working full time focusing on the responsible use of AI in society. She will share with you her motivations from the very beginning and give thought-provoking examples highlighting the challenges and possibilities AI can give us in the near future.

2019 Inga Strümke