Erik Sauar (2021)

Erik Sauar

How Batteries Will Change the World

Erik Sauar holds an impressive academic curriculum of an MSc in Chemical Engineering, an MA in Anthropology and a Dr. technician degree in Physical Chemistry. Erik believes that with the current development in battery technology we should soon be able to electrify major parts of our society.

Erik is the CEO of a companythat produces silicon-containing anode materials that is directly used in today’s lithium-ion batteries. Sauar and his team aim to increase the energy density of these lithium ion batteries by 20–30 %.

Sauar has a long track record of taking new technologies and products to the market, in particular through his many years as co-founder and CTO of the solar company REC. He has been involved with more than 35 patent applications and is passionate about technical solutions that can have a large positive impact on the society we live in.

2021 Erik Sauar