Dag Berild (2016)

Dag Berild
Antibiotic resistance is rampant in the world, and we are moving towards the dark ages when it comes to curing something as simple as a cut or a wound. Hear one of the leading experts in the field of resistance talk about what the problem is, how we can handle it and what humankind should do to protect one of our most valuable discoveries: antibiotics.

Dag Berild is a professor and a senior consultant in infectious diseases at both the University of Oslo and Oslo University College. His research concerns the rational use of antibiotics, and his aim is to strengthen doctors’ knowledge so that they can improve antibiotic use and thus reduce antibiotic resistance. He has conducted several intervention studies to improve antibiotic use both in Norway and Russia, and also heads the study group for rational antibiotics through his day-to-day work.

In this talk, Berild will explain why this matters, and paint a scary picture of a world without a cure if we do not start to adjust our thinking now.

TEDxArendal 2016: Dag Berild