Camilla Susann Haug (2021)

Camilla Susann Haug
Explore Your Natural Musicality

Camilla Susann Haug is a singer and songwriter from Mo i Rana in Norway. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Music Performance and a Post Graduate Diploma in Music Education from the Norwegian State Academy of Music. She works today as a professional singer.

In her talk, “Explore your natural musicality”, Camilla invites the audience to join her in a choir, showing the importance of every single voice and how different voices can create a unique sound when singing together in harmonies.

Haug sings and works with genres like contemporary, improvising jazz, folk and pop. She is also a soprano in the a-cappella group “PUST”. Haug continues to thrive within the music environment and loves singing closely together with others to create harmonies with only voices as their instruments.

2021 Camilla Susann Haug