Bård Fossli Jensen (2016)

Bård Fossli Jensen
Bård Fossli Jensen believes in nurturing the partnership between doctor and patient. He finds it fascinating to observe, that with gentle reassurance and communication when a child is ill, how both the child and their parents are able to find coping strategies they didn’t know they had. Bård considers his most spectacular medical achievement was saving a man using the Heimlich manoeuvre, but his burning desire to become a better doctor came after he (re)learned how to communicate with his patients and their families.

A medical doctor, and a specialist in pediatric medicine, Bård Fossli Jensen also has a PhD in medical communication and is trained in hypnotherapy. He teaches medical students, doctors and other health care professionals on how to successfully combine the latest medicine with the latest research in the field of communication.

TEDxArendal 2016: Bård Fossli Jensen