Video editing is a critical part of our TEDxArendal event. The videos of our speakers’ TEDxArendal Talks are important for both our speakers and us, as they are our event’s major takeaway to share with the rest of the world. We both want and need a good final product. 

To fill this role, you must have the required video editing tools available and a fair amount of experience with them. Documented experience (professional or otherwise) is required. 

This role will serve as a great stepping-stone for someone who wants to make one’s mark as a video editor. To have been editing the official videos of a TEDx event serves as a great reference. 

Good to know: We are required to upload our TEDxArendal Talks by the end of November. It is therefore important that you are available for this job during November 2021. This role will require you to join our Video & Photo Crew for planning meetings from mid-September and in the weeks leading up to TEDxArendal on November 5th. You must be available on October third and fourth (afternoon), and during the whole event on November 5th. 

We promise you a great group of co-volunteers, new friends, and a new experience you are unlikely to forget. 

We will provide a reference and certificate upon request. You will be compensated for your work.  

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