Got your ricket? ExiciTED?

We are going full throttle into friday! But we need you to do one thing.

Register on our Attendify app 😀

TEDxArendal is trying to make it’s small difference for a sustainable future. The last months we have been cleaning plastic, driving electric, and biking to work.

We are also aiming to be as “print-free” as possible. So there will be no handouts of the program etc. You will have to use our app to find the information you need.

So how do i get the app?

You follow this simple guide
  1. Download the Attendify app (from google play or app-store)
  2. Search for the event: TEDxArendal
  3. Create your profile
  4. Enter the Event Code: ConnecTED

Now you are ready!

See you friday 😀