One week to go!

The team is working hard, and we are gearing up for the event! We can’t wait to welcome all of you next Friday!

TEDxArendal is not like any other conference. It is so much more. A festival of creativity, knowledge and inspiration.

When attending a TEDx event you are taking part in global conversation about our shared future. There are ideas here in Arendal, in Agder, in Norway and around the world that are worth spreading!

During this year’s event you will among others hear Bryan Pijanowski who is creating a scientific baseline of what the world sounds like. Camilla Stoltenberg will talk about how boys are falling behind in school. Leadership with Kim Kristensen. Sustainable Nuclear Reactors with Eirik Eide Pettersen. Gaming for sustainability with Trista Patterson. Creative mastermind Mikael Genberg. Internet warrior Mia Landsem. And so many more. You can see the full list here

This is only on stage.

Outside the stage we will have a library, a gaming experience, VR, an operations robot, workshops (see below), a giftbox, and showcase the future in a blue hour and a green hour. We will have dancers and dinner around town. Specially made treats and entrepreneurs showcasing their inventions. This is just one part of TEDxArendal.

Registration starts at 12.00.

First session starts at 13.00

Second session starts 15.30

Dinner around town 16.30-18.30 (you will have to pick up a coupon concerning where you want to eat)

Third session starts 18.30

Fourth session starts 20.30

Between all the sessions there will be multiple activites, relaxing zones, snacks and exibitions.

If you have a ticket you can now also sign up for the following……

Sparebanken Sør will teach you “Growth Hacking” at TEDxArendal!

Secure your growth at TEDxArendal. Improve important web metrics every day, every week, every month! The method of Growth Hacking led to success for Amazon, AirBnB and Spotify, amongst others. How to hack growth is no secret sauce. It’s a process!

As one of the first companies in Norway, Sparebanken Sør joined a 2 Day Crash Course to learn about the process at the Growth Tribe Academy. And they will share what they learned! Attend this event and get practical examples on how you can hack your growth. Get your own tests up and running instantly!. And guess what – we even got the amazing founder, speaker and growth lead of Growth Tribe Norway, Lars Bratsberg, to join us at the workshop.



Do you want a gift? Of course you do! It might be November, but christmas is right around the corner. Sign up for our Gift machine here!

All the information regarding the event will be put into the app so that you can all easily access the information you are looking for. We will be introducing the app on Tuesday, and you will all get a link and a password to registering and log in!