Did you know that the ideal time frame for learning something new is between three and 18 minutes? Did you also know that you learn so much better if the teacher is knowledgeable, passionate and enthusiastic? We promise, it’s true, and that’s why TED created the concept of – well…TED.

It all started in 1984 as a conference covering Technology, Entertainment and Design. Hence the name TED! These days, almost all topics are covered – from science to business to global issues. TEDs vision is “Ideas worth spreading”, and in order to really make it count, they created independently run TEDx events around the world, which allows smaller regions to make their mark on both their environment and their community.

Ordinary people presenting extraordinary ideas
So, who can be on the TEDx stage? The short and amazing answer is: ANYONE! Anyone with an idea worth spreading! TEDx provides a platform for thinkers, visionaries and teachers, and there are no ideas or stories too strange, too small or too crazy to tell. The only criteria is that it needs to help people around the globe gain a better understanding of the world, the people and ourselves. It needs to feed a desire to help create a better future. There is no greater force for change than a powerful idea!

TEDxArendal has had the privilege of seeing some amazing presenters, both local, national and international, who have blessed our wonderful stage; Karen Dolva talked about loneliness, Julien Bourelle talked about how it is to experience Norway as a Canadian. Guro Heggholmen, who at the ripe age of 11 talked about gender equality (and made it to The New York Post!). Not to mention Henry Dagg – the british creative who can make a musical instrument out of anything. And we mean ANYTHING!

TED – and by association TEDxArendal – is a non profit organisation that makes its funds through conference attendees fees and sponsor support. Our absolutely greatest asset is our wonderful and amazing volunteers! Being part of this event is highly coveted, and our wish is to create a venue and an experience that gives tremendous joy and value for everyone that give their time and effort to our event, and we are sure TEDxArendal has the best people of all. The proof is in the pudding; three years ago, TEDxArendal was mentioned as top 5 TEDx-events in the world. With almost 3500 independent venues every year, this is something that we take to heart and treasure forever!

What’s new?
This year, TEDxArendal is going to take you on a new journey. The event is going to be arranged Friday November 1 from noon ‘till midnight, and it’s going to be both business and pleasure! There will be 4 sessions throughout the day, two before and two after dinner (which is included in the ticket!). And, as you do when you´ve spent the whole day with your friends, being inspired, enlightened and entertained, we end it all with a big, fat, fun and amazing party!