We have invited our partners to work with us in creating TEDxArendal 2019. We want to give back to our amazing partners. We also wish to include them in our TEDxArendal community. That is why we have invited you to join us the 7th of june. We want to Co-create.

The workshop takes place at Arendal kulturhus (Lille torungen) and will feature Peter Esperson.

Peter is a recognized speaker and Co-creation expert. He was the former head for Co-creation at LEGO, and now travels the world providing insights into Co-Creation and Coworking.

We had a chat with Peter about this.


Why should we bother using time on coworking in communities?

Because it’s an opportunity and it is expected.  If you decide not to do it, its a big opportunity for your competition. This is the case both in business and in politics.

Communities offer a number of different opportunities, such as insight, co-creation of value, marketing pressure, advocacy these can be tapped into and mined for resources that the company does not have. 

Why is this more important than ever?

Users organize and can change of public opinion with a moments notice, based on a fact, faux-fact or hear-say.

This can be positive or negative, but companies can be hit on their bottom line in a positive way (LEGO, Harley Davidson etc.), or in a negative way (Kryptonite, United Airlines etc) 

Therefore anyone engaged in selling a product or service or a message to the public need to take communities and how they act into their plans for engaging the public. 

Peter also gave us some stories and companies that have succeeded in co-creating.

The two fitness communities Crossfit and Peloton are companies who’ve been incredibly strong in leveraging their communities and users for comercial growth. 

LEGO’s community platform LEGO IDEAS is also still probably best in class when it comes to crowd sourcing from a community of capable users.

The american makeup and beauty retailer Sephora is also doing a good job engaging it’s community.


We look forward to hearing more from Peter the 7th of June. Save the date, and see the invitation for more information.  Reach out to us at or to our Co-organizer Mats Winther Maltby at if you have any questions.