The 2017 speakers

SESSION 1 – Friday 8.9

When: 09:00–16:00   Where: Store Torungen

Karen Dolva

Dolva is the CEO and co-founder of No Isolation. Her background is in UX/interaction design and informatics and she has previously co-founded the consultancy company UX Lab. With her co-founders, Marius Aabel and Matias Doyle, she has taken No Isolation to 36…

Svein Wilhelmsen

Wilhelmsen founded Basecamp Explorer & Basecamp Foundation i 1998. The Basecamp Group has since worked to preserve one of the world’s most important ecosystem for our larger mammals; the world famous Masai Mara wildlife area in Kenya. The Mara ecosystem is also vital…

Venke Knutson

Knutson is a songwriter, a teacher and the founder of, a fast growing music school in Norway. She is also the head behind the philosophy «Mappeløs», witch encourages everyone to be met with the same expectations no matter where they come from…

Mozhgan Tavakolifard

Tavakolifard holds a PhD in Machine Learning and she started her career as Data Scientist. Mozhgan started her first company, DharmicData, in 2015. The company, consisting of 12 word-class employees, became one of the first and biggest Nordic Data Centres of…

Thomas Idem

Thomas Idem, also known as the ADHD coach (ADHDCoachen), has extensive experience from fields like journalism, tourism and the event industry. He himself has the diagnosis ADHD and thinks it suits him well. Thomas puts prejudices and myths about ADHD to question…

Oskar Blakstad

Blakstad is a clinical psychologist and tech enthusiast from Norway. He focuses on implementing internet technologies with health care units. Blakstad founded, a website about science for students, which has been used by more than 50 million users.

Anne Lise Kjaer

Kjaer is a leading global futurist, author, entrepreneur and Copenhagen Goodwill Ambassador. She specialises in detecting and analysing socio-economic and cultural drivers. Her design thinking background, and deep insight into the Nordic Model is instrumental to spot…

Lene Marie Fossen

Lene Marie Fossen decided to stop time 20 years ago. She was then 10 years old, and stopped eating. Her personal story is unfortunately relevant and concerns many. Today Lene Marie uses photography as her way out of the disease. She is self-taught – and has a unique talent.

Julien S. Bourrelle

We all see the world through cultural glasses, by changing glasses you can change the way you perceive the behaviours of others. Julien S. Bourrelle believes that we have the opportunity to increase the competitiveness of businesses and to create a better…

Thomas Anglero

Anglero is the Director of Innovation for IBM Norway responsible for IBM Watson and innovation. Thomas is the creator of the IBM Watson Innovation Lab at the Oslo Cancer Cluster which is the Nordic HQ of IBM Watson for all the Nordic countries, covering all industries.

SESSION 2 – Saturday 9.9

When: 18:00–23:00   Where: Store Torungen

Sartaj Anand

Sartaj Anand from Calcutta, India, is a parallel entrepreneur with an unreasonable dream to positively impact 1 billion human lives within his lifetime. He currently runs a boutique consulting firm — egomonk, focused on innovation and strategy. Sartaj has travelled, worked and co-created in more…

Æli Manouchehri

Manouchehri is an IT Engineer, with a passion for technology and future use of tech to help improve quality of living for all. Æli was born in Tehran (Iran), but his entire family fled to Norway during the revolution when he was just 5 years old. He got his degree in IT from University…

Angela Luna

Luna is the founder & CEO of ADIFF, a humanitarian outerwear startup that utilizes the fashion industry to provide aid for global displacement. Coming from a background in design, she saw the massive unrealized potential of the fashion industry, and sought to create change.

Mike Troxel

Troxel is born and raised in Denver, Colorado but moved to Chicago as a young man. There he met and married a lovely Norwegian lady and now has 4 children. He has worked for over 25 years with culture, social and entrepreneurial related projects and startups.

Aase Helene Fidje Ødegaard

During a period of 2 years Aase Helene Fidje Ødegaard made 25 national costumes out of garbage – mainly from her own household. She wanted to focus on the joy of recycling of rubbish. Most of us have to look closely before we realise that the costumes as a fact…

Svend Heier

He first gained technical experience through disassembling alarm clocks and pens, purely disassembling, never reassembling. The only thing that still worked when he was done, were loose gears, now being used as spinning tops. He was good with numbers, bad…

Guro Heggholmen

Guro (11) has a special interest in how girls and boys are shaped by their surroundings. She has a sharp eye for details. In her opinion these details shape us, and sometimes they narrow down our worldview into stereotypical truths about girls and boys. Her goal is to make a change.

Nancy Westerberg

Nancy Westerberg used to be an occupational therapist. Some 20 years ago she embarked on a new and exciting chapter in her life. She was then 60 years old, retired and able to devote her time, at least, to her “first love” – being creative working with all kinds of materials.

Sedin Zunic

Sedin Zunic was born in Bosnia and has been in love with the art of drawing his whole life. He creates his things, rather than buy them and his art has become a natural part of who he is. Sedin came to Norway in 1993 and got introduced to the urban subculture in Kristiansand filled…

Håkon Moslet

Håkon is one of the bright brains behind one of Norways biggest tv success ever – Skam. He will give us a look behind the scenes of the show that has set a new standard for modern storytelling. Håkon was a music journalist for years, before he started working in NRK P3…

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