TED and TEDx F.A.Q.

What is TEDxArendal?

TEDxArendal is a local variant of the larger, more well-known “TED” format. TED stands for “Technology, entertainment and design” and started as a series of talks by industry leading minds in the silicon valley over 20 years ago. The phenomena has spread world-wide and now about 13 events is hosted every day on a global scale. TEDxArendal is the event for southern Norway, encompassing people, volunteers, and organizations from both Aust- and Vest-Agder.

How do I order tickets?

By clicking the red and big button on top which says “Tickets” ! We are looking forward to seeing you at our next event!

Where can I park my car before the event?

There are several parking options in Arendal. Click here to read more about parking in Arendal.

How is TEDxArendal operating?

The organization is led by an Executive Committe that consists of a mix of people. The municipality and various businesses along with networking organizations are all represented. The organization is formally situated in the “Eureka building” at the “Sørlandets kunnskapshavn” in Arendal. About 15 people work on TEDxArendal throughout the year as volunteers, while another 100 chip in during the event execution. The event is mainly sponsored by businesses that see the value of the show and support the initiative with resources.

I love TED! How do I get involved?

Great! A lot of people do! First of all you should contact us, either trough Facebook or one of the emails, to sign up to be a volunteer. Once you have done so: show up at meetings (announced through our dedicated Facebook group and by email), meet the crew, and stay active. There are always tasks to be done. The more dedicated you are, and delivering – the more responsibility you get. It is pretty much that simple! A lot of the people working in TEDx today are people who asked to be part of the whole experience.

Send email here: post@tedxarendal.com

We wish to have our own TEDx event. Will you help?

We encourage all enthusiasts to pool their resources and time into one project rather than spread out. While we do support any TED initiative, it is also important to come together and create a better product for the people attending, as well as join forces on all the work needed to make a good event. We belive we do that by pulling together as a big team with dedicated enthusiasts. Please contact us if you wish to plan an event, and see how we can work together. We live in a small region, and strongly feel that everyone benefits from cooperation. Sharing is caring!

What does it take to host an event?

First of all it takes a licence and some past TED experience. The team behind TEDxArendal has watched thousands of videos collectively and participated at the big international conferences to learn and share ideas! We love sharing ideas! But the licence comes with a set of rules we have to abide by. This also ensures that the visitors at the events will experience the same quality they will come to expect from a TEDx event.

In addition to that we are 100% dependent on our sponsors and our volunteers. They are both imperative for the success of the event – and with a good balance of both we hope to see the project having a long stable future.

How many people are involved?

It is hard to count exactly, as some positions are a bit flighty. But we consist of a small “core team” who does the administrative work and planning troughout the year. In addition we have a dedicated program committee that finds speakers, researches them, and picks who gets to be on stage for the show. We also have people working with sponsors, web pages, social media, graphic design, media, day-to-day business and so on. And when the big event comes around, we enlist people that we depend on to help us trough the day. This year, about 100+ people in the crew to make sure all our guests have a good time and can focus on the event!

How do you select the speakers?

The speakers are selected by the program committee, which consist of a group of well connected people with various backgrounds. This ensures a spread in the selection and also an unbiased program. They collect all topics and ideas they want to hear more about, as well as take suggestions of names they feel can give a good presentation about something new and exciting. They then make a shortlist of the people and start researching them. In the end – usually after 6-8 months of work and meetings – a list is ready. The speakers are then invited.

Do you pay the speakers at TEDx?

As stated in the rules, we are not allowed to pay any speakers for giving a talk. Rather we invite people who are genuine experts and interested in “sharing their idea”. This means that TED talks usually consist of people who wish to share what they are passionate about – and not people doing talks for a living. Also because of the format and the international renowned brand, it is often considered a great honor to speak at a TEDx event. Thus, most speakers are putting a lot of effort and work into giving a great presentation. They know if they hit the mark with their talk, it might be shared with millions of people world wide trough youtube, or even the TED.com website. We do, however, cover cost of travel and food for our speakers to make sure it does not cost them any money to attend.

Can you speak about anything?

In short: yes! TED is about sharing ideas. It can be anything new and interesting – or new ways to look at things. You will listen to poets, architects, brilliant inventors, professors in medicine, innovators, performers of old-style music, and much, much more. Each event’s program may have a topic, but in TEDxArendal we celebrate diversity. We try to make sure there is a bit for everyone, and this recipe usually works well. People love learning about fields of study that they are not well-versed in. Additionally: the format means different people from different backgrounds come together. During such mingling we see new ideas come to life!

Does TEDxArendal have a purpose?

We aim to please! More so: we also aim to create an arena for people to gather and share thoughts – hopefully to come out at the other end a bit richer on ideas and inspiration. The mandate of the organization is to host one big event every year, and – if feasible – entertain smaller venues with live-stream shows, TEDxSaloons, or similar. The important thing is to spread ideas and to build on the great work in the region, to become an international player on the field of knowledge and life-long learning. We want to make our community and region stronger and better!

Can I suggest a speaker?

Absolutely! If you know of someone who would be of interest, send us your suggestion at post@tedxarendal.com. But maybe even more important: if you have a certain topic you find exciting and would love more information about, suggest the topic to the comittee. They will then try to find the person who would be perfect for conveying that idea.

How many TEDx events are held in Norway?

Besides TEDxArendal, there are four active TEDx events in Norway:

How many minutes can a TEDx talk be?

Never more than 18 minutes. (3—18 minutes)

Format: Modeled after the TED format, TEDx events are a suite of short, carefully prepared talks, demonstrations and performances on a wide range of subjects to foster learning, inspiration and wonder – and to provoke conversations that matter.

The typical presentation should be an up to 18-minute talk by a single presenter, and we may not pay the speakers to present. No panels or Q&As with audience are permitted as part of mainstage programming. Breakouts and workshops are permitted at TEDx events, but must be held during the breaks and on an opt-in basis (i.e. not required).

What is Level 2 license?

The TEDx Level 2 license is for organizers with at least two years in the program, and other requirements.

Level 2 status rewards TEDx organizer achievements by allowing different privileges in regards to ticket price, event duration, format and distribution. Level 2 licensees are expected to maintain the spirit and ideals of TED and TEDx at all times.

Do the speakers talk in Norwegian or English?

TEDxArendal is located in the international part of Norway – the south. Our region has so many English spoken citizens that we decided to held our event in English. Some workshops will be held in Norwegian.

How old do you have to be to participate at the event?

The only requirement for attending is an interest in the topics and an understanding of English. Our youngest audience member so far was 9 years old – the eldest: we don’t know..! Our audience is diverse: all ages, all parts of the community – students, employees, leaders, and TEDheads. One big, happy, family of curious people!

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