Hanne Nyborg Watts and Mike Troxel at TEDxArendal 2014

Videos from TEDxArendal 2014

The videos are ready. Want to check out a talk and share it with friends, family or colleagues? Did not quite catch the slides on that one presentation, or just want to relive the laughers and tears from a moving moment? Check out the videos from TEDxArendal 2014!

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Featured Talk, December 2014

Our own Thomas Hellum from TEDxArendal 2014 was chosen to be one of the featured talks at ted.com. In less than a week on ted.com, Thomas Hellum managed to get over 400.000 views of his talk: The world’s most boring television … and why it’s hilariously addictive.


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TEDxArendal audience

Pictures from TEDxArendal 2014

Thanks to our great photographers, we got several pictures from TEDxArendal 2014. Maybe there is a picture or two of you as well?

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