Our team of volunteers works in groups, and we are a bunch of highly funny, creative and nice people. We would love to hear from you! Meet new friends. This is a great opportunity to be part of a mindblowing and memorable event. Contact: post@tedxarendal.com


We held our first community gathering at Vitenbiten in 2013 with speakers from all over the world. As all first held TEDx evnts around the world, we started with 100 attendees. The event sold out, and we quickly decided to level up and give Sorlandet the best arena we could find for connecting people and ideas across disiplines. We chose the perfect venue for 2014: Arendal Kulturhus with space for 700 attendees. The event was sold out again – and was the biggest «private» held event during Arendalsuka 2014.

The board of TEDxArendal – and the people living in our region -has constantly pushed us. «we want more» is the mantra used – and we have answered. 2015 was another huge success and we took the first steps towards growing the event even further. For 2016 – we are now a level 2 event. This is a special type of TEDx event that only a few are allowed to host. And it will last for two days! Come visit us at Sorlandet, and Arendal – to take part in this falls adventure. 25 talks from the post-summer coastline.

«Ideas shape the course of history.»John M. Keynes